Thursday, January 22, 2009

Trimming the Guest List…Wedding Day Budget Saving Options

With the troubled economy some brides are opting to have intimate weddings with a guests list as small as 50. This option can be a huge budget saver for those brides and grooms who still want the glitz and glam of a traditional 150+ guest list wedding, but at half the cost. If you have a small budget i.e., $10,000 or less, with a guest list of 50 or fewer you could opt for the top shelf bar service and the four-course sit down dinner in the beautiful ballroom, with elegant breathtaking décor you have always dreamed.

The downside of an intimate ceremony is the obvious guest list restriction. Often times you may have to exclude those friends or distant relatives who you would have normally invited if you were having a larger ceremony. This can be a difficult decision for brides and grooms, but it’s something you both should do together. If other people are making financial contributions toward the wedding, it is also a good idea to run the guest list by them, as well. At a later date, you can host a “get-together” or an open house and invite everyone who you couldn’t invite to the wedding.

Don’t let a slowing economy or small budget prevent you from having the elegant and unforgettable wedding ceremony you have always dreamed and deserve. With a few adjustments to your guest list and selecting the best vendors within your budget, your wedding day will still be fabulous without looking economical.

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