Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Cancelled Wedding

Elegant Events was working with a couple for over a year meticulously planning their Labor Day weekend wedding. To our dismay, the wedding was cancelled 5 days before the big event! I know a cancelled wedding would be a nightmare situation for all brides, but sometimes things happen that are not within our control. Other times a cancelled wedding may be a blessing in disguise.
One of the biggest issues with a cancelled wedding is the forfeiture of deposits. Some vendors and venues will require you to pay the entire contracted amount even in the event of a cancellation so it is imperative that you read your contracts carefully and feel comfortable with cancellation policies. Most couples don’t think they would ever need to cancel the wedding when they start the planning process, but anything can happen and you want to be sure the cancellation policy is fair and equitable.
So how do you break the news to your guests? First, you should make every effort to inform your guest as soon as possible. In this particular situation, the wedding was 5 days away; each guest should be notified of the cancellation by phone. Many guest may ask you why you are canceling, you are not obligated to explain. If pressed for a reason, you could say, "We made the mutual decision to not get married right now."


  1. My very first client (back in the 1980s) was having her first wedding at 40. At 21 she was engaged but told me she got cold feet a couple days before the wedding. Sadly it was cancelled. I was updating her wedding gown from the 1960s to work in 1984 . . she didn't seem to think it was bad luck to wear the gown she'd chosen to marry (or not marry in as the case turned out) . . .

  2. If I were in her situation, I'd have to spend the money to buy a new dress. :-)


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