Thursday, August 20, 2009

When a Friend Is Getting Married … and You're Not

I read a very interesting article in the lifestyle section of about how to cope with being single while your friend is planning her wedding. I can recall several years ago when one of my good friends announced that she was engaged. At the time, I was still single and looking for Mr. Right, and I experienced some of the emotions this article discusses especially jealousy. This is an issue that not a lot of women like to talk about because we really don’t ever want to admit that we are jealous. The article identified five ways on how to cope with the emotions:

1. Accept That Jealousy Is, Yep, Normal
2. Don't Fall into the Bash-Yourself Trap
3. Be Honest About Whether You're Ready for a Ring Right Now
4. Throw Yourself into Wedding
5. Confess Your Feelings


  1. thanks for addressing this subject Tiffany--which you're right--most women don't fess up to their jealousy.

  2. I remember when my friends were all getting married and I was just getting divorced! A hard time for sure but I made it(luckily!)

  3. I know I struggled with jealousy bigtime with my friends marriages!!! The worst is when you are a single bridesmaid lol!!!

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